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Just like humans, dogs are intensely sociable and gregarious creatures.

Over the years the household pet has steadily become 'part of the family' and like us, animals display their emotions through their behaviour and certain behaviour is often misinterpreted which is when difficulties arise.

Dogs do not think in the same way as humans, they have a language of their own. Their subtle and complex method of communication makes them sensitive towards their owner's actions and gestures.

Canine behavioural problems can not always be solved with regular training techniques. Anyone experiencing pet behaviour difficulties should not expect a quick and easy solution.

PET-PSYCHOLOGY offer help to the owner to understand their pet and examine the underlying cause of the problem.

Treatment is often lengthy and sometimes a difficult process which is why PET-PSYCHOLOGY provides a full written personal programme of advice. Guidance, counseling and back up support are available to existing clients.

If your pet exhibits a behaviour that you are not comfortable with, do seek help, the sooner the better since the longer it continues the more established the behaviour becomes, and the more difficult it will be to achieve a successful resolution.

Physiological and neurological problems can impact your dog's behaviour. Therefore it is important to seek out veterinary advice before consulting a behaviour therapist.

PET-PSYCHOLOGY currently operates throughout Staffordshire, Derbyshire and Cheshire.

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